Christmas has begun

Once the Nursery Nativity Play has taken place we really feel that Christmas has begun at Roselyon.  This year the children told the story with great enjoyment and sang the songs with huge enthusiasm.  What a pleasure to watch.

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Children in Need@Roselyon

roselyon-school-children-in-need-2 roselyon-school-children-in-need-3

Roselyon children raised a huge amount of money for Children in Need by buying Pudsey toast, paying to change their appearance slightly for ‘Spot the Difference’ and running a pennies race (after which they had to count the amount they raised!)

Remembrance Day

Prep VI gave a moving presentation based around interviews with family members, to help us all focus on Remebrance Day this year. Holding the event on 11th November was especially poignant.


Roselines – 22nd April 2016 – Issue 63



A very warm welcome to our new families. The summer term is always one of the most exciting, with trips and challenges throughout the school so you have joined at the right time to start with a bang!

Testing also happens in this term and, for our Prep II and Prep VI children we have the new style of SATs testing to cope with. The children have been well- prepared but the tests (and results) are so very different that we will all need to be aware that they will take some getting-used-to. Indeed, the report this week that the KS1 spelling test has already been published by the DfE may result in slightly less confidence in the results than would have been expected.

We live in interesting times!

Hilary Mann

Roselines – 20th January 2016 – Issue 60


We have to be thankful that we have not had the disruption of snow yet (or perhaps we should be sad that we have not seen Cornwall dressed in white!)

If we do wake up to snow, our instinct will be to take the children out of school to enjoy it. Please make sure that your child always has a warm coat, hat and gloves (plus extra socks and wellies if you can manage it) so that we can make use of this rare occur-rence if it chooses to arrive! We’ll only be able to take a few at a time so we must hope that the snow lasts—without disrupting transport—if it does come. If the snow comes and you DON’T want your child to go out in it, please let me know.

Hilary Mann