Roselines – 27th November 2015 – Issue 57


As usual, the second half of term is rushing past in a flutter of glitter and angel wings.

We are very much looking forward to the Nursery and Lower Prep productions as well as the Carol Service, all of which help us to get into the Christmas spirit. Next week we also have the Christmas Fayre—one of my favourite events—with stalls, Santa and fun. You are most welcome from 3.00pm—do tell your friends and if you can’t be there yourself do remember that your child will have a chance to go and will need some money to spend!
I will save Christmas greetings for the final newsletter but in the meantime, may I wish you all a blessed Advent.

Hilary Mann


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Dates for your diary:

  • 1st December, 9.30: Nursery & Red Class productions
  • 3rd December, 9.30: Toddler Group Christmas Party
  • 4th December: Bobble Hat Day
  • 4th December, 3.00: Christmas Fayre
  • 8th December: Nursery & Red Class Eden trip
  • 10th December, 6.00: Carol Service at St Fimbarrus Church, Fowey
  • 11th December, 12.00: Term ends


St Austell Festival

This year we have, again, entered a good number of children from Red Class to Prep VI, into the Verse Speaking competitions.  Both the Lower (9.15, 4th Dec) and Upper Prep (10.45, 2nd Dec) choirs are competing next week.  Results for both sections will be with us shortly and we wish all participating pupils confidence and good health!


Carol Service

This year the Carol Service is taking place at the Church of St Fimbarrus, Fowey. For once, we will have plenty of space to accommodate all friends and family and we are looking forward to seeing you all, to celebrate Christmas on 10th December at 6.00pm.
It is worth remembering that parking in Fowey is slightly less convenient than in Biscovey so you will need to make sure that you and your children arrive in plenty of time to find a parking spot and walk to the Church.
Please remember that this is our school Christmas celebration and all Upper Prep children are expected to attend.


Bobble Hat Day

On 4th December (the same day as the Christmas Fayre) the NSPCC are holding Bobble Hat Day. Children can be sponsored for wearing a bobble hat (preferably festive!) and raise money for this excellent cause.
Sponsor forms will be distributed this week so that you can find plenty of people who would like to see you wear your bobble hat all day. We will be awarding a prize for the most outrageous festive bobble hat.


Roselyon—the centre of cutting edge technology!

Did you ever think that this would be a headline? But the truth is that we are test-driving a backlit whiteboard with amazing capability and hope to have one installed over Christmas.
The potential of this machine is wonderful, with all sorts of educational possibilities. This is being donated by our investor, who thought that we could benefit from some technological gear.
As staff we are getting to grips with it (and are delighted that we still know more about it than your children —that won’t last!). Our favour-ite moment was when Mr Gale called Mrs McKeown a ‘techno-chick’ because of the number of break-through moments she had led.


Children in Need

What an amazing soup was created by your children for our souperheroes theme! It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for vegetables—and our thanks go to you for the tremendous variety the children contributed (especially for those grown by the children themselves). The house pennies race saw a phenomenal total of £43.73, with Rashleigh raising £23.62—nearly half of the total. Much searching down the back of sofas for the Rashleigh children—well done!

As usual Mrs Davies spent a huge amount of time creating Pudsey toast, with a variety of glamorous assistants and Mr Ball tells me that a grand total of £276.14 was sent to Children in Need.  Not bad for a small school.  Well done and thank you all.


Stover Fencing Fixture, November 2015

The fencing team travelled to Stover on 16th November for a magnificent fixture against Stover School. Well done to our Under 9s, Toby, Alfie, Billy and Arlo on a draw with 8 wins a piece. Congratulations also to our Under 11s, Leon, George, Florence and Daniel on an honourable 7-9 defeat. After the fixture we enjoyed a superb tea with the Stover fencers before making our way home. Before parting, our hosts presented us with a lovely shield, engraved ‘Stover v Roselyon, 16.11.15’, and a book about the history of fencing in the area, both of which are proudly on display for all to see in our entrance hall at Roselyon.



Good luck to the swimming team in their fixture on Friday—you may know the result by the time you read this.  We hope you had a great time and are proud of your efforts.