Roselines – 5th November 2015 – Issue 56


This week we have Bonfire Night (Firework Workshop) and Remembrance Day (Prep VI’s Assembly) to bring to the children’s minds.

Next week there is Children in Need (‘Souperheroes to the fore)—and then we’re getting ready for all the Christmas celebrations. During all these important events, your children continue to work and make progress—and their determination makes us all very proud. Do look at the new ‘Head’s Board’ just inside the front door, where we celebrate a particularly wonderful piece of work, each week.

Hilary Mann


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Items on sale in the Office:

  • We have  self-adhesive poppies  as well as a variety of Royal British Legion items such as rulers and wrist bands.
  • There are some Children in Need items for sale—but not many!  First come, first served.
  • Kidney Research ‘snack’ box has just been replenished.



At the end of next week your children from Preps I-VI will be bringing home their reports. Reports this term contain targets for each subject, which will have been discussed at Parents’ Evenings before half term. There will also be a form teacher comment and a comment from Mrs Mann. We hope that this will give the oppor-tunity for us all to work together on the specific challenges for your children, as the year progresses.
To make sure you know when to check your child’s school bag, you will receive a text when reports are distributed. Children who have joined us within the last few weeks will not receive reports. Parents of these children are invited to make an appointment closer to Christmas, to discuss their child’s progress and needs with teachers.
If you would like further guidance on how to support your child with specific tar-gets, our ‘Ask the Teacher’ session is on 18th November at 4.00pm. As we have not had any suggestions of topics you would like us to address, we will be happy to answer your questions on the night. Form and subject teachers will be on hand to discuss the best way to help your child achieve all of which they are capable.


Fencing Success at LPJS Wellington, October 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed this event at the Princess Royal Sports Centre at Wel-lington School, and our sincere thanks to JB and her team for running it. This was probably our best performance to date, in all age groups and at every stage of the competition. Everyone came away having achieved a personal best. Con-gratulations to Arlo, Alfie and George on their debut appearances on the compe-tition circuit – what a way to start! Congratulations to Florence, whose poise and prowess with the sword is matched by her unfailing sportsmanship. Fights were fiercely contested in all the age groups; congratulations to Leon and Toby on outstanding performances that were a pleasure to watch. The official results are still to follow, but the medal count includes (I think) a tied BRONZE for Alfie and Toby at U9, a tied BRONZE for George and Leon at U11. Congratulations to Mabel (Roselyon, 2012) who won a SILVER in U13 and elder sister Cora who won a BRONZE in U15. These are outstanding results, and are well deserved as we have trained hard in preparation for this event. Well done, Roselyon.


Verse Speaking

The St Austell Verse Speaking Festival is drawing closer—just over 2 weeks to go, now.  Children should already know their chosen poem and be working on adding expression.  Mrs McKeown and Mrs Davies will continue to provide support but the learning has to be done at home.  We have some gifted speak-ers so let’s help them do their very best.


Children in Need—SOUPER heroes

Whilst most children are celebrating their favourite ‘superhero’, at Roselyon we are putting a different twist on the celebrations and are talking about our ‘souperheroes’. We are asking each child to bring their favourite vegetable into school on THURSDAY 12th NOVEMBER, when the children will prepare them to go into an enormous pot of soup, which will be consumed for lunch. Bread and pudding will supplement the soup—and Roselyon will donate the cost of an average lunch to the charity. Mrs Davies will sell her magical ‘Pudsey toast’ at breaktime and the children are invited to bring in their pennies for the annual inter-house penny race. As an optional extra, children may choose to decorate a t-shirt in the style of their vegetable and wear it over their uniform on the day. Children In Need Day is on 13th November—the end of next week. Vegeta-bles need to be chosen and t-shirts prepared!



The evenings are drawing in and it won’t be long before the mornings are dark as well.  Please remember that we have CHILDREN to keep safe—and they don’t always do what we expect them to do!  Driving up the drive continues to be a bit of an adventure but PLEASE remember that driving fast jeop-ardises the safety of our children.  Please park only in the car park and pay special attention to the walking areas.

Children MUST be supervised at all times when they are on the school site—please be aware that this is your responsibility once your child has been handed to you at the end of the day.


Advent Fayre

Friday 4th December at 3.00pm is a date not to be missed at Roselyon School! The Friends of Roselyon will be running their Advent Fayre—and Father Christmas has again fitted us into his busy schedule! There is a wide variety of stalls, many of which might help you with finding the ideal Christmas present. Several newcomers will also be gracing the occasion—details will follow but, for the moment, just make sure that you have the date in your diary.