Roselines – 8th January 2016 – Issue 59


May I wish the whole Roselyon community a very happy, peaceful and successful 2016.

You will see from the calendar and the activity list that we have another exciting term ahead, with plenty of challenges: academic, sporting and cultural. Good luck to all those taking entrance exams and scholarship tests for their senior schools. Remember the key piece of advice for the morning of the test: smile as you go into the room to relax your brain and help it function at maximum ca-pacity.  I know that you will do your best and that the right school is waiting for each one of you.

Hilary Mann


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  • Club forms to Miss Taylor on Monday
  • Pottery cheques to be made out to Heather Hunt
  • Start planning your teams for the end of term quiz night (adults only!)
  • In the event of the school being closed for bad weather, we will inform you by text and work will be available on the website


Curriculum Notes

Over the next few weeks Curriculum Notes will be uploaded onto the web-site.  Don’t forget to take a look at what your children are studying this term—you may turn out to have a wealth of information on the subject which you are eager to share—with your child or with the whole class!


Clubs, Activities and Instrumental Lessons

Clubs start on Tuesday 12th January this term so forms must be in on Monday 11th January. The one exception is Musical Theatre, which has already started! Musical instrument lessons start on Monday 11th January.


School Uniform

With the new year comes resolutions and one of ours is to ensure that the children are always as well-presented as they can be. At this stage of the term they all look wonderful with neat hair and perfect uniform! We will all be encouraging the children to tuck in shirts and pull up socks. Parents can help by policing socks (navy socks or tights, please) and making sure that the appropriate sports kit is delivered on a Monday and removed for laundering on a Friday.

We are determined to make the most of all possible fresh air this term and so will be going out to play unless the rain is torrential. This means that all children will need a coat in school all the time. C

oats come in many guises and we are prepared to tolerate any navy, black or grey coat until September next year, when all children from Red Class to Prep VI will be expected to wear the uniform coat. Nursery children currently wear any coat—for them, in September next year we will expect the coat they wear to be navy.

A plea from the swimming department: please remember your swimming hat!

And finally, that hardy perennial: PLEASE put your child’s name in their clothing. Whilst we have had one child at Roselyon who could identify the owner of any article of clothing by smell (yes, honestly!) most of us are not so blessed. A name in a place we are likely to look for is is the most effective way for us to help the children keep track of their clothes.

Spring 2016 clubs & activities start on Tuesday 12th January

Clubs are run by trained professionals who offer our children the chance to learn the skills of the sport.


(Miss Thomas, Preps I-VI -after lunch). We do try to put children into age and ability groups but if your child is involved in another club then we may need to be flexible.


(Mr. Gale, Monday 4.00-5.30 in the hall, Preps III-VI). We fence predominantly foil and are always keen to welcome new members. In addition, there is now a Squad training session on Friday evenings in St Austell. Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you would like to be considered. Fencers already club members can come to training on Monday. New members will be able to join the week after the Bank Holiday (if there are spaces!)


(P.I-VI Tuesday 4.00-5.00 on the (P.I-VI Tuesday 4.00-5.00 on the back field) To be run by a PAFC youth coach . Before a child can start, the PAFC form must be completed—copies are in the Office.



(P.I upwards Heather Hunt—professional pottery teacher – Monday 4.00-5.00) 6 week course for £25 on the theme of spring flowers. Starts Monday 9th May. Maximum of 15 children—only one course this term so first come (with the fee!) first served.


(P.I upwards Ashiita-Kai Karate Kids, Thursday after school. 3.45-4.30) At present we only have a ‘Cubs’ Group for the younger children but the class for older children will be opened if enough are interested. Monthly fee of £12 (Cubs) or £21 (Juniors & Seniors) is paid directly to the instructor.


There is a charge for some clubs to cover costs and to make it fair to parents who pay for Aftercare. Please note that the staff are not paid extra for after school clubs.


(Mr Harrison, Preps I to VI, Monday after lunch) Come along and discover the pleasure of mak- ing music in a group.


(Mrs Virr & Mrs Davies Preps III-VI, Tuesday after lunch) With a focus on developing skills, we will be able to give invaluable experience for those working towards an art scholarship.


(Mrs Davies and Ms Whitehead Preps III-V, Wednesday, 3.45-5.00) Children have already signed up for this exciting project—but the whole of the Upper Prep will be involved in the performance so it’s certainly worth putting the date in your diary.


(Mr Gale, Preps I-VI, Wednesday, 3.45-4.30) Come and learn to play this fascinating game of strategy.


(Mr Ferguson, Preps I to VI ) There will be practices after lunch on dry days for any children who want to join in. Tennis, however, must take priority.


(Mr Gale, Preps I-VI, Wednesday, 3.45-4.30) Come and learn to play this fascinating game of strategy.


(Mr Gale, P.VI and any year group, Thursday after lunch) If you would like help with a specific problem in maths, or perhaps would like some more practice with a particular type of question, come along to our Maths Surgery straight after lunch on Thursdays.

11+ Club: (Mrs Mann, Prep V—11+ candidates, Wednesday after lunch) We will continue to prepare for September’s 11+exam.


(Ms Whitehead, Preps I-VI, Monday breaktime)  All girls are welcome—but you need to be on time!


(Ms Whitehead & Mrs Davies, Preps I-VI Thursday 3.45-4.30) A chance to learn to play a wind instrument. We have a selection of recorders but you are welcome to bring your own if you have one. ANIMATION CLUB: (Mr Simms and Mrs Bason, Red Class upwards Thursday 3.45-4.45) Further adventures in the art of animation!


(Mrs Steadman. Preps IV-VI. Thursday 3.45-4.30) Demanded by the children, this club is returning for the FIRST HALF of term only!


(Mr Simms and Mrs Bason, Red Class upwards Thursday 3.45-4.45)  This new venture is a bit un-usual so the first session will be held in the Music Room to show what you will be doing.  The aim is to create a stop frame animation film using figures (probably made of Lego).  At this stage please sign up for the first session, after which we will confirm who really wants to take part.


(Mr Simms—after half term.  Time and day to be confirmed)  This Red Class,  Prep I and Prep II club will start after half term.  At this stage, please register an interest and we will try to choose a day which suits the major-ity of interested children.

Clevertouch Board

By the time this newsletter is with you, our Clevertouch Board will have been installed, ready for use. We’re very excited at the possibilities it brings and all classes from Red Class upwards have been timetabled to use the Music Room, where it is housed. It’s not the best way to teach Nursery children but they will have their turn as they grow older.

We’re all keen to make the most of this exciting technology—it’s been a while since we’ve had anything with such potential! Some of us have a little way to go before we are entirely confident but we’re all determined to learn. Huge thanks to our benefactors (the same people who invested in our school in the summer). We are enormously grateful.


Mathematics at Roselyon

It is such an advantage to mathematicians to be secure in their tables that we are all keen to support their learning. There are several games which will support the children as they learn, all listed on M.A.R.S., the Mathematics at Roselyon School website (
Your children may also have suggestions for particular times tables questions in the back of their homework di-ary—do have a look and encourage your child to focus on the ones suggested. We’ll be doing the same at school—let’s see what progress we can make together. It’s such a helpful tool.



You will see from the calendar that the Fencing Club is really spreading its wings,  Taking part in the national British Schools Championship means that we have now ‘hit the big time’ (probably not how the ultra-polite fencing com-munity would put it).  We are very proud of all of our fencers and wish them well over the term.  Any child from Prep III upwards is welcome to talk to Mr Gale about taking up the sport—it turns out that we’re really quite good at it!


Alex: the Musical

The members of Musical Theatre Club have al-ready started rehearsals for this production, which will take place on the afternoon of 16th March and the evening of 17th March. As with last year’s performance, ALL Upper Prep children will be involved in this production and we would ask that the date is firmly ringed in your diary—the show cannot go on without the children’s presence! Last year’s production was one of the highlights of the term and we are all looking forward to another tour de force!