Statement from the Trustees

It is with great sadness that we announce the proposed closure of Roselyon School, subject to consultation with School staff.

Despite Roselyon School’s excellent academic and extracurricular record, like many small independent schools across the country, we have encountered extremely challenging conditions in recent years due to a highly competitive market.

In recent years the School has faced a continual challenge to recruit and maintain the pupil numbers needed to support the running costs of the school, these issues alongside the current economic uncertainty has led to the School finding itself in very difficult financial circumstances.

Prior to considering this proposal, the trustees of Roselyon have been exploring every feasible option available to it to enable the school to continue. This has included relocating to a new site and investing in the development to create a new and enriching environment. However, the pupils anticipated to come from this location and investment have not materialised. The Trustees now unfortunately feel that the economic reality is that the school is not financially viable in the future. 

The trustees have come to the very difficult decision that despite the School’s best efforts they have no alternative but to consider closing the School at the end of the academic year, subject to consultation with staff.  

The School will continue to operate as usual in the meantime, so that it can deliver the best education possible to the pupils.  The education and welfare of our pupils has always been our primary concern and should the outcome of the consultation process be that the School closes, we will help pupils to find appropriate alternative options for the next academic year.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, guardians, staff and trustees who have supported the School over many years.