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Within the children's timetable there are lessons in English, Maths, Science, ICT, French, Latin (Years 5 and 6), History, Geography, RE, PSHE, Art and Music.  They also have PE, Games and Swimming.

This page is to help with their work.


Here are some useful sites to visit:

BBC Bitesize Primary - Many ways to add to your learning.

Storybook England - A wonderful site all about places in England connected with the books we read.

Cool Reads - Ever wanted to know what book to choose?  Look no further!

Brainbox - A site for investigating what kind of learner you are.

Quiz Zone - If you want to test your knowledge, just pick from the hundreds of questions on this website.

How Stuff works - A website which does just what it says.

Puzzle Games - Just what you need to get your brain going.

BBC Schools History - History for fun.

BBC History - History for mums and dads.

C4: 1000AD - All about life at the time of the first millennium.

Tate St Ives - Explore the Barbara Hepworth Museum.


Below are pdf files to help you with your school work.

PDF Downloads
LATIN - Unit 1.pdf LATIN Unit 2.pdf
LATIN Unit 3.pdf LATIN Unit 4 29-9-10.pdf
LATIN Unit 5 26-4-09.pdf LATIN - Complete Word List.pdf Useful Websites About the Roman World.pdf