ISI Inspection Report

St Austell Voice, 22nd July 2015


In a very positive inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Roselyon was rated ‘excellent’ (ISI’s term for Ofsted’s ‘outstanding’) for pupils’ academic achievements, supported by the school being placed on the Sunday Times’ ‘Top 100 Independent Schools’ list in the autumn.  The report states that the pupils ‘attain notably high standards of literacy and numeracy, and have outstanding attitudes towards learning’, and that ‘the achievement of pupils with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) including those with EHC (education and health care) plans is excellent.  The most able pupils also make excellent progress.’  Roselyon’s children’s results in National Curriculum tests at age 7 and 11 are described as ‘excellent in relation to the national average for maintained primary schools.’

The curriculum, including extra-curricular activities, which is designed by the school in independent education, is also ‘excellent’ and the report notes that it has recently evolved to include an even wider range of learning experiences.  Teachers have ‘strong specialist subject knowledge’, which is a positive effect of children being taught by subject specialist teachers from Year 3 onwards, and are ‘adept at engaging their pupils’, which ensures that all teaching time is effectively used.

The pastoral care and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the children are both ‘excellent’ and the pupils ‘show very high levels of care and respect for each other and there are outstanding relationships throughout the school.’  Governors and leaders are ‘highly committed to their roles’ and ‘parents are highly positive about the standard of education and care provided by the school.’

The report notes that ‘monitoring the requirements for welfare, health and safety lacked the necessary rigour.’  But the report states that ‘the school took swift action to address the issues raised during the course of the inspection.’

In ISI inspection reports there is no overall grade for a school; each area is reported on separately.

Hilary Mann, Head of Roselyon, said ‘We are delighted that the many successes of our school have been recognised in this very pleasing inspection report.  We know that our children are caring and respectful as well as making excellent academic progress but it is pleasing to have this endorsed during inspection.  It is a credit to the hard work of all the staff and the consistent support of our parent body – which together make Roselyon such an exciting place to work and learn.’

Download the full Roselyon School Inspection Report 2015 here.