Objectives and Values

At Roselyon, we are dedicated to ensuring that children experience:

  • a learning environment which nurtures each child’s talents and strengths;
  • teaching staff who understand the individual needs of each child and know how to draw out the best in them;
  • an ethos which promotes a love of learning;
  • small classes within a strong family atmosphere where respect, kindness and courtesy are prized;
  • a community where success is encouraged and rewarded;
  • a strong record of academic and non-academic achievement;
  • a wide range of opportunities to help develop well-rounded personalities;
  • close links between home and school to ensure the very best for each child;
  • an environment where children gain the confidence to make a smooth and successful transition to their next school;

In all of these Roselyon excels: this is our passion.

Roselyon – where children come home with more than academic achievements