Adventure '€“ indoors and out

With apparatus chosen to stimulate young children'€™s adventurous spirits, our outdoor play area allows your child to develop a sense of adventure as they navigate over and around obstacles.

Some items of play equipment have been specially designed for our playground, which gives us one of the best Nursery play areas in the area.  Alongside the physical challenges, which all our children love, we also have playhouses where camps are built, families are imagined and your child'€™s social skills are exercised.


We provide care, support, learning and fun in equal measure while promoting challenge and personal growth in an environment which values independence and celebrates the capabilities and achievements of each individual child.

We use the large, well-equipped sports hall for PE as well as transforming it for our Nativity Play, Assemblies and Verse Speaking Festivals, where your child will gain confidence from addressing an audience from a remarkably early age.

Wheeled toys live next to the tarmac play area and children love learning to propel themselves by tricycle and scooter '€“ or even tractor!