The heart of the community

It’s really great to see the Community Shop in Lanlivery thriving at Churchtown.  A wonderful local initiative which we are proud to support.

Hard at work

The building is shut off now as the builders start to model the new inside layout.  We’re so used to being able to pop in and have a look around that it seems strange – but it’s exciting, too!

A perfect place for children

This weekend we had a lot of visitors to the Churchtown site and we were very grateful for all the help we received.  During the morning the children began to learn just what a wonderful environment it is for children!

All the beautiful spaces

At Churchtown there are many wonderful spaces, some large and exciting for learning in, others, like this exciting space, which are made for contemplation.  Next week we have to leave for a while, whilst the serious building work takes place.  Next time we visit it’s going to look really different!

Work party hard at work

We were delighted to have the support of so many families as we cleared Churchtown over the last couple of weekends.

Great progress has been made – and we also unearthed some surprising finds!

Churchtown Renovations Are Go!

We’re very excited to be starting the renovations to the Churchtown site.  Ben and Lily came with us when the press came to Churchtown and were able to look forward to moving to Churchtown in September 2018.  Plenty to achieve but a wonderful opportunity.

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