Pastoral Introduction

Happy birthday

Preps I & II celebrated the Queen's 90th birth…

National finalists

Four National Cross Country finalists from one sch…

Down by the pond

Red Class celebrated a break in the weather by vis…

Happy Christmas

After wonderful nativity plays and a magical carol…


Prep I's beautiful harvest loaf will be the centre…

Firm Foundations

Roselyon introduces children to the important world of learning in the happy, caring and supportive environment of our nursery department. In a dedicated building next door to the main school house and with its own outdoor play area, we introduce children to language, number and social skills through a wide variety of play-based activities, including Forest School, where the children learn in the woods in our grounds, and more structured small-group sessions where we can devote time to the specific needs of the individual child.  Physical education and learning about the world we live in are part of every day in this thriving setting.

We offer a warm, friendly welcome to all of our pupils and their parents. We pride ourselves on presenting each child with opportunities to achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum, preparing them for a happy and successful progression towards the next stage of their education in Red Class, our reception yeargroup.

Red Class'€™s curriculum leads on from the foundations laid in the Nursery.  Continuing with Forest School and structured activities, the children are introduced to more formal number work, writing and reading.  In a caring atmosphere the boys and girls learn to care for each other and the environment, whilst making great strides forward in their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Weekly swimming and PE lessons ensure that the physical side of their education is addressed and the children end each day happy, stimulated and eager to take on further challenges.