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Roselyon School

Curriculum Notes Prep II Spring Term 2016 (first half)


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Word reading


Go over phonemes phase 5 /6. ? 


'kn' and 'gn' phonemes

Read 'fairy land' instructions recording difficult words to discuss with the class.

CGP p28

Use adverbs ending in '-ly'

CGP p37

Look at the 'u' and 'o'  sound after a 'w' eg. in wondered and wash.

CGP p21

Decode tricky words in alien poems.






(incorporating National Strategy)

Introduce compound words (+ simple and complex words)

CGP bk p41

Compound words - spell each part correctly and circle the simple words.

Compound words - extend work to two and three syllable words.

Compound words - word hunts - identify from texts etc


Assess and review compound words - dictate 3 sentences and children to self assess.

Grammar and punctuation

Check punctuation in diaries. Check for sense.

'bossy' verbs

Demarcating sentences with !,?,.,Caps.

CGP p13

Change sentences into instructions using 'bossy' verbs. Can they use ! or ?

Use adjectives to describe nouns. 

Use adjectives to describe nouns for their own poems.


Writing/ composition

(including handwriting)

Christmas diary writing and reading to class. Handwriting -

Non fiction - Instructions.  Memorize, improvise and retell the 'instructions' by Neil Gaiman.   Write dictated instructions.

Begin writing instructions laying out appropriately. 

Rewrite instructions to be published in the 'Fairy Land' map book.

Poetry- Humorous poems

Compose short simple poems using rhythm rather than rhyme. (template of pictures)

Write, edit and rewrite their favourite poem in neat joined handwriting.

Draw and describe aliens, then discuss improvements.

Write a poem for their blue book.