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How We Care for Your Children as They Grow

Leaving the security of the Early Years stage of education can seem daunting, with educational expectations and homework looming large on the horizon.  At Roselyon we make sure that the transition is calm and careful with the security of familiar teachers and the excitement of new challenges.

From Prep I to Prep VI each child has a special relationship with their form teacher, who cares for them on a daily basis, keeping in close contact with parents and ensuring that every member of staff who has contact with them is aware of any special needs, whether these are medical, social or educational.  When a child has a problem it is to their form teacher that they go, knowing that support will be offered and that there is always an adult on their side.

Playtimes can sometimes be intimidating for children in larger schools but with small classes and caring children, the only youngsters not playing together at Roselyon tend to be those who have been so gripped by a book that they can'€™t bear to put it down. Curled up on a bench in a world of their own they are often the picture of happiness.

Inevitably there are times when children disagree and we have learned over the years that it is productive to ensure that the children share their troubles.  We use PHSE lessons to explore friendship issues, some of which can seem insurmountable as children reach out towards adolescence but, once discussed, become acceptable facts of life.  Careful, structured discussions of relationship issues are held throughout the school as a part of normal life but can be reinforced whenever a crisis looms.

The prefect system allows the younger children to have role models to look up to and there is a healthy age-group mix at playtimes where the older children can give the benefit of their experience to any troubled youngster.

Roselyon is a family school where we welcome all those who play an important part in the children'€™s lives.  Grandparents, siblings and au pairs are as welcomed as parents are to the school, so long as we know who they are!  In this way the children learn that school is not a separate part of life but it is their environment, where they can welcome their special people and show them what happens during their busy days.