Do I need an internet connection to study?

Do I need an internet connection to study?
by Kieran Braxton on 30.07.2023

Internet and Studying: An Interconnected Web

As I watch my daughter, Elodie, navigate her way around our home computer with absolute concentration, it dawns on me; the internet has become an undeniable cornerstone of today's learning. A question often asked by many, probably as they hover their cursors over the 'Enrol Now' button for their chosen course, is "Do I really need an internet connection to study?"

Navigating the Online Learning Landscape

The simple answer to this question is: Not always, but most of the time, yes. In today's world where everything from shopping to communicating to studying has moved online, a steady internet connection is almost indispensable. Do you remember the times when our only options for studying were textbooks followed by a tiring cycle of note-taking and revision? Times have truly changed. Today, students can study from their bedrooms, in their pyjamas, while sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Ah, the convenience!

The Digital Library: A World Beyond Books

Speaking of convenience, think about the immense library of resources that the internet opens up to us. Academic journals, research papers and eBooks from all corners of the globe are literally a click away and available round the clock. And it's not just limited to reading materials. The internet also gives you access to video tutorials, webinars, online study groups and so much more. It truly is akin to an academic Aladdin’s cave with a plethora of treasures to explore.

Internet Connection: A Friend or Foe?

However, like most things in life, studying with an internet connection comes with its own set of challenges. Distractions are a click away. One moment you're engrossed in an online lecture about Macbeth, and the next, you might be watching videos of Golden Retrievers being adorably clumsy. (Yes, my dear Loki, I'm thinking about you). Therefore, it's vital to exercise some self-restraint and maintain a disciplined approach to using the net; essentially mastering the double-edged sword that is the internet.

Striving for Balance: Managing Online and Offline Study

Having an internet connection does not mean all your studying must be done online. In fact, balance is the key. My wife, Marianne, is an academic counselor, and she always insists on a balance between online and offline studies. She maintains that reading from physical books can improve a person’s focus, and taking handwritten notes can help with retention. Therefore, it’s ideal to use an internet connection to supplement your learning, rather than be entirely dependent on it.

The Digital Classroom: A Peep into the Future

This brings us to one of the most prominent aspects of the internet-aided study, the concept of online classrooms. Most of us are already familiar with these digital learning spaces which came to the fore during the recent global lockdowns. Although a radical change from what we're used to, online classrooms proved to be quite efficient. They enabled academic progress despite the physical barriers, actively demonstrating the power of the internet.

In conclusion, the internet is undeniably an enormous resource when it comes to studying, opening gates to databases and repertories of knowledge that would otherwise remain inaccessible. However, it's not a blanket solution. Internet-aided study should be part of a broader framework that contains offline study, self-study, classroom-based learning, and hands-on experience. Embrace the internet, but don't let it completely replace the traditional approaches to studying and education.

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