Hilary Mann
Roselyon School



Roselyon School has a very special atmosphere where children enjoy their learning and become thoroughly involved in their own education. Emphasis on music, sport and art as well as an academically rigorous education means that we can look at the whole child and ensure that we develop their strengths whilst supporting them in areas they find more challenging. We have a reputation for teaching children to be curious; senior schools often tell us that they can recognise a Roselyon child from their attitude to work and their enquiring minds. Our children have gained scholarships to senior schools for Art, Music, Sport and Academic Excellence.

Currently Roselyon School is a private school for fee-paying families. The opportunity to transform into a Free School from September 2016 will enable us to offer our exceptional education to all children, free of charge within our community.

The possibility of locating our new, state-of-the-art school within the Eden Project, only a couple of miles from our current site in Par, would provide a learning environment unique in the country, with a wealth of curriculum initiatives to explore. We are very excited at the prospect of entering into partnership with the Eden Project and developing this discussion further.

I hope that you will share in our unique vision and regis- ter your interest in Roselyon Free School for your child's first steps in education. 



We will guarantee that our new learning environment will continue to nurture the natural talents of every child: praising, encouraging and enthusing with care and affection.


We will blend the best of our successful traditions with the excitement and energy of modern technology and practice.


We will retain and develop our core values of decency, kindness and consideration for others and their world.


We will create a dynamic place of learning where academic, arts, sport and spiritual & moral development of our children are an essential part of school life.


We will build on our existing dedicated and successful staff with the recruitment of like-minded and passionate teachers and support staff.


We will maintain and develop our culture where our children want to be high achievers and have acquired a proper sense of right and wrong.


We will create a solid foundation to prepare our children for their move to their next school and to succeed in life.