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Roselyon School

Curriculum Notes Prep IV  Summer Term 2016








Plan6B: Stories from other cultures

Required texts:

Africa is not a Country by Margy Burns Knight

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters retold by John Steptoe

The Pot of Wisdom – Ananse Stories retold by Adwoa Badoe


Immerse yourselves in some wonderful stories from the great and diverse continent of Africa. Read Africa is not a Country, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and The Pot of Wisdom – Ananse stories. Write an Ananse story using extended sentences.
Grammar focus:

1. Extending the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, including when, if, because, although.

2. Using fronted adverbials.

3. Using commas after fronted adverbials.
4. Using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause.


Reading comprehension texts.


Grammar, punctuation and spelling workbook.


Spellings based on The National Literacy Strategy.



Plan 5B: Persuasive writing

Required texts:

The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo

Zoo by Anthony Browne

The Ice Bear by Nicola Davies


Are zoos good or bad? Children look at information to help them decide their own opinion on this matter, beginning with Zoo and Rainbow Bear before moving on to analysing different persuasive writing. Finally they will write to persuade us to be for or against zoos!

Grammar focus:
1. Learning the grammar for Years 3 and 4 in Appendix 2.

2. Using and punctuating direct speech.

3. Using the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the past tense.





Reading comprehension texts.


Grammar, punctuation and spelling workbook.


Spellings based on The National Literacy Strategy.



Plan 5B: Nonsense poetry

Required texts:

A variety of poems selected from The Works.


Using Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense, Hamilton's version of The Pobble With No Toes, and Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, study the features that poets use when creating nonsense poems. Plan, create and perform your own imaginative poems and concentrate on rhythm, rhyming patterns and syllable usage in poetry.

Grammar focus:

1. Recap on grammar terminology from Year2 and use and understand KS2 grammar terminology – particularly word classes: noun, adjective, verb, adverb, pronoun

2. Identify and use fronted adverbials.

3. Use commas after fronted adverbials.

4. Use and understand the grammatical terminology from Eng Appendix 2.



Reading comprehension texts.


Grammar, punctuation and spelling workbook.


Spellings based on The National Literacy Strategy.




1            Messiaen, Cicadas and Primes, Number and place value

2            Mental and written subtraction

3            Addition and subtraction

4            Shape and Measures

5            Fractions and decimals

6            Fractions and decimals and Ramanujan

7            Multiplication or division and measures

8            Shape

9            Measures and Data

10          Fractions and division

11          Multiplication/division and addition/subtraction



Biology, including plant investigations, seed dispersal, habitats, food chains, the skeleton, balanced diets.


Finishing the Anglo-Saxons (events of 1066). Starting the Tudors.


Improving the environment, including recycling.  Visit to Bodmin Recycling Centre.

 Religious Studies

What is Hinduism?


La famille, Le Carnival des Animaux, time, weather.


Programming, web design, animation, Publisher, Movie Maker, Audacity.


Prep IV


Observational drawing



Line & mark

Collaborative artwork – random shapes

Produce a cross-sectional scene from sky, sea, sand to grass

Junk 3-D sculptures concentrating on joining techniques