Your unique child, our unique experience

Every child is unique.  Even twins display different characteristics and have differing needs.  At Roselyon Nursery School we believe that knowing your child as an individual helps us to tailor their Nursery experience and provide an education which is designed to support their growth in the most effective way.

During the first few weeks at Roselyon, we get to know your child; what motivates them, how they interact with adults and other children, how they learn and how to support them most effectively in their individual development.  We then tailor the Nursery experience to ensure that their development is supported in the most effective way.  At Roselyon we believe in a holistic approach to learning.  If your child is a bookworm we make certain that literacy skills are supported but also ensure that physical development is addressed.  If he or she loves nothing better than to run around and make a noise, we have a combination of child-initiated activities as well as more structured activities throughout the day.

Because we have subject specialists on site, we are able to ensure that any early exceptional ability is identified and catered for.  We work closely with teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists as necessary and we are happy to discuss with you any concerns about your child’s development.

As a school we hold regular seminars on educational subjects for parents.  Recently we have talked about how to approach phonics and reading and in a different seminar we have discussed how to help your child with maths.  Nursery parents are very welcome to attend these seminars to discover how best to help with early education.  In addition we have Nursery Briefings where we talk about recent changes in nursery education and our approach to them.  At these informal sessions you can meet other parents and ask those questions which often get missed in the busy moments at the end of a session when you collect your child.

At Roselyon Nursery we believe that we are in a partnership with parents and are keen to ensure that you feel confident about what we are doing and feel supported in providing your child with excellent, individual early years education. We are here to help you understand how to help your child learn. 

Your child is unique; we individually tailor their Nursery experience to match.