First Day

Before starting at Roselyon, most children have already visited the Nursery or Red Class (Reception) for a session or a day so that they know what to expect.  They will have met the teachers and will know how to ask to go to the toilet and what to do if there is a problem.  Parents like to bring our youngest pupils into class and settle them before leaving.  The teachers will explain where to put coats and boots and will answer any last-minute queries before the day starts.

Children can arrive from 8.30am and there will always be trained staff on hand to care for them.  The school day starts with a register being taken and then goes into the activity for the morning, which varies from day to day.  You will have been told if your child requires special equipment for the sessions he or she is attending; for PE, a red polo shirt, blue shorts, trainers or gym shoes and a uniform tracksuit are needed.  For Forest School the children wear casual clothes and need wellington boots.

Before break the children are given a snack and a drink so there is no need to send in food with your child (if you have older children at Roselyon, you may like to know that from Prep I the children bring in their own healthy snack and drink for breaktime).  Nursery children have their playtime apart from the rest of the school but Red Class joins in with the older children at morning break.  After break the morning continues until lunchtime.

In the Nursery you may choose whether your child stays for lunch.  This is eaten in the dining room at noon, supervised by Nursery and Red Class staff.  Roselyon has a Cornwall Healthy Schools Award, which recognises the care taken over the selection and preparation of food in the school.  Currently every child in Nursery and Red Class who stays for lunch chooses to eat lunch as provided by the school.  After their meal the children have playtime before the afternoon session.  Most Red Class children stay for five full days but sometimes younger class members are taken home for some afternoons during the week.  This can be organised by discussion with the class teacher.

Nursery children who stay for half day morning sessions can be collected before lunch at 12.00 or after lunch at 1.00pm.  Parents or carers should come to the Nursery door to collect their children, who will be brought there when the session has finished.  Nursery children who come for half day afternoon sessions should be brought to the Nursery at 1.00pm. The afternoon session also begins with a register, after which activities begin.  The children are provided with a snack during the afternoon and also have a playtime.  The afternoon session finishes at 3.30 and children are collected from the Nursery door.

Red Class also finishes at 3.30 and parents and children are brought to the front of the school building to meet their parents.  After the first few days of the school year the children start to be given homework, which will be carefully explained to your child and to you.  Usually this involves reading preparation but the exercise depends on the needs of each child.  Children in Red Class wear the full school uniform and you will be given a list explaining what to buy and where to buy it.

Because the children in Nursery and Red Class are so young, it is imperative that any change in collection routine is explained to the teacher when the child is brought into school.  Should arrangements change during the day, you should phone the office to explain who will be picking up your child.

If you need to bring your child to Roselyon before 8.30, you may bring them to the Nursery, where pre-school care is available.  Children may have a snack and a drink, play or take part in activities in a caring environment run by trained staff.  Aftercare starts as soon as school finishes and children can be booked into this facility as and when it is required.  Aftercare takes place in the Nursery and children can play, take part in activities or start their homework in supervised conditions.  In the holidays children may choose to attend Holiday Club, details for which are sent out during the term.

We hold parents consultation sessions and send out written reports at the end of the school year but during the year your child’s progress is charted on a password-protected web-based programme, which parents can access at any time.

Roselyon School is a family and we hope that you will quickly feel a part of the community.