Nursery Curriculum

Nursery Curriculum: Learning to learn

Each unique child develops at their own rate and we are practised observers of children’s readiness to learn.  Daily literacy and numeracy sessions encourage your child to notice the language and numbers around them and to start to make sense of them.

We have had children in our Nursery who can read fluently before they enter Reception whilst others gain more from social and creative play.  All of our children work on phonic and number awareness and we expect them to be ready for reading and for formal maths by the time they leave us.

Creative development

Making marks on paper is an essential way in which children learn to observe and record the world around them.  Your child will have regular opportunities to use a wide variety of media to express themselves.  Listening to each child explain what they have drawn or painted gives us great insight into their development and needs.

Craft and 3-D modelling are hugely popular and allow the children to let their imagination take flight.  Sometimes this is individual but this term the whole Nursery built a rocket which they could climb into and a robot to drive it. 

Focus of learning

Each half term the children have a new topic to explore.  We increase your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world and stimulate their curiosity, ensuring that the topic is right for the children we are caring for at that time. We may study the sea or space, big wheels, fish or traditional tales but by the end of the topic, the children’s understanding has grown in breadth and depth and they have learned to ask still more complicated and interesting questions.

Stimulating curiosity is one of our passions and we love to explore our environment with the children.  Sometimes it’s by microscope, at others it’s with robot computers and often it’s by going outside and finding out.  Discussing what we find give an opportunity for extending learning and asking questions.  Roselyon children are taught to think and ask. 

Physical development

Roselyon Nursery School offers Weekly PE sessions to stimulate your child’s physical development!  There’s no doubt that our children love to stretch themselves physically and access to the well-equipped school hall means that we can take them as far as they are capable of going.

In the summer term the children prepare for Sports Day and enjoy showing off their skills to parents.  Early ball skills are practised and team games are started, supporting the idea of co-operative play.

Roselyon children are adventurous and outdoor types, enjoying the school grounds whatever the weather.  There’s never any trouble sleeping after at day at our Nursery!

Forest School

Being a Day Nursery in Cornwall it is wonderful to have interesting wooded ground to explore and learn in.  In our own woods your child can explore the world of learning outdoors, becoming familiar with the countryside and the beautiful surroundings of Cornwall.  Waterproof suits and wellies mean that we never miss a session because of the weather and damp picnics are often some of our favourite events!

Our unique interpretation of Forest School means that we take learning outdoors, with literacy and numeracy sessions in addition to camp fires, learning about nature and experimenting with the world around us.  Our new shelter has widened the type of activity we can deliver and we can claim to have a real outdoor classroom.

Adventure & Activities

With apparatus chosen to stimulate young children’s adventurous spirits, our outdoor play area allows your child to develop a sense of adventure as they navigate over and around obstacles.

Some items of play equipment have been specially designed for our playground, which gives us one of the best Nursery play areas in the area.  Alongside the physical challenges, which all our children love, we also have playhouses where camps are built, families are imagined and your child’s social skills are exercised.

We provide care, support, learning and fun in equal measure while promoting challenge and personal growth in an environment which values independence and celebrates the capabilities and achievements of each individual child. We use the large, well-equipped sports hall for PE as well as transforming it for our Nativity Play, Assemblies and Verse Speaking Festivals, where your child will gain confidence from addressing an audience from a remarkably early age.

Each day we explore the areas of learning and development and enrich the children’s experience with inventive activities.  One day it might be a bear hunt in Forest School, the next it could be Make & Bake.  The variety of experiences is endless and exceptional for a Day Nursery in Cornwall.

For each session we provide an enrichment focus which changes each term, depending upon the needs of the children.  Recent highlights have been music with a professional teacher, maths through cooking and art and craft.  You can select the sessions you prefer based either on your child’s preferences or on your wish to broaden your child’s experience.  During each session the learning which underpins a successful education is delivered alongside the enrichment focus you can be sure that your child’s learning is being nurtured.

To ensure you know how your child is developing, we record their progress in photos and words and post our observations on a website to which you have access with a password unique to your child.  Whether you are in Par or Peru you can be sure that you can stay up-to-date with your child’s development.

The best Day Nursery in Cornwall would always expand its children’s opportunities.  Our children love to go on outings and so we take them on adventures. In the summer we take the children on a visit to support their learning.  It could be to the aquarium, the zoo or the beach.  It all depends on our termly topic.  At Christmas we visit the Eden Project to slide on the ice.  Sometimes we visit the Fire Station – it all depends on what will engage the children and provide an active learning experience.

The children in the Nursery are part of the school and take part in many of our fundraising activities.  They show their spots for Pudsey, dress as their sporting hero for Sport Relief and toddle around the grounds to raise money for Barnardos.  There are also Teddy Bears’ Picnics, a summer Sports Day, a Summer Fete and an Advent Fayre to get involved in.  The parents love these events, too!