Roselyon Nursery School Cornwall, the best nursery for your child

At Roselyon Day Nursery we work in partnership with parents and carers to help children explore their abilities in a safe and caring atmosphere where each child is treated as an individual and there is no barrier to how much they can achieve.

In beautiful, tree-shaded grounds with access to main school facilities like the indoor sports hall, with home-cooked lunches provided every day, Roselyon Nursery focuses on each child, both where they are and where they could be.

Cared for by experienced and well-qualified staff your child could experience our excellent facilities in a caring and nurturing environment, free of charge for up to 15 hours a week. Roselyon is recognised by its parents as the best day nursery Cornwall

Would you like your child to?

  • Develop maths
  • Work on reading and writing skills
  • Explore Forest School
  • Have music lessons
  • Widen their awareness of the world around them
  • Grow in strength and confidence with PE sessions and an adventurous outdoor play area
  • Work on creative projects both individually and as part of a group
  • Display outstanding personal development.

We aim to give your child an all-round education but with focused enrichment.  We want your child to develop maths, reading and writing skills, explore forest school, cook and have music lessons from a specialist teacher each week.  Each session at our Nursery has a particular focus, which can change each term as the needs of the children develop.  You, as a parent, can choose the sessions which suit your child best, whilst being secure in the knowledge that the skills which underpin education from Reception onwards, are being delivered each morning and afternoon.