infinitysword Sekai o nogareru
When trying to escape from the house the young Mael is run over, upon waking he discovers that he has changed places with one of the characters of his favorite game, does he know how to survive?
CrownKD Tales of the Underworld: His Queen
She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anybody that dared to disrespect his queen.? Sehun was the King of the Underworld. Irene was a fair, flower maiden, innocent to the touch, and the most beautiful in the land, even Aphrodite was jealous of her. On one evening at a ball thrown by Zeus, Irene came to meet the king himself and as if it was fate, they formed a bond...
Usaki Usagi Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
Amatsuki Iori was a high school student summoned to a parallel world and started fighting as a Hero to save the country.As he was trying to save the world, he is killed by his trusted companions.Just when Iori had thought that he had died, he opens his eyes and discovers that he had been summoned again, but this time it was into the future as a Hero to subjugate the demon king that he himself had failed to defeat before.Then he realizes that deep inside him when he was once the Hero commanding a
Verxadi Back In Time: Shadow Emperor
WARNING!! My English level is at TRASH LEVEL!! If you read this novel without reading this but could go through pass my writing but your English still unaffected then [Congratulations!!] that your comprehension is high enough! Genius!! However if it's will affecting your English, then I want you stop it the moment your eyes can't read pass my writing! If you scolding or insulting...
firekid Trials For Survival
The Trials... For some, it was a chance to become strong. For the strong, it was a chance to go crazy. For everyone, it was a chance for survival. For Alex, it was a chance for revenge. System / Magic / Guns / Robots/ Scifi / Fantasy I do not own the image. Credits go to darksouls1 on pixabay.