Our staff

Roselyon Day Nursery, Cornwall, has highly experienced staff who are all well-qualified to care for your children.  Mrs. Barkham and Mrs. Bailey hold management-level Nursery qualifications and Miss Thomas is a trained teacher who prefers to use her skills to develop the younger age group '€“ she is a keen sports teacher who adds a physical training dimension to our Nursery experience.

Mr. Simms, who leads the Early Years team, has a wealth of experience across the country in working with children in a wide variety of settings.  His passions are literacy and art but the children never leave his care without having a surprisingly detailed knowledge of tropical fish! 

In the summer term, when most of the children are ready for more academic stimulation, we have weekly sessions with a maths specialist teacher, who introduces new ways of thinking and working with shape, space and number.

Our music specialist introduces the children to music using the Da Capo method, which helps the children to internalise music and allows them to become confident players and even composers at a remarkably early age.  Starting Da Capo in the Nursery means that Roselyon children are enthusiastic musicians by the time they start school.