First Day

Most children who join Roselyon have already been with us for a taster day where they have met some friends and begun to understand the geography of the building. This gives them great confidence as they approach their first morning as a Roselyon pupil.

On your first morning, come to the front door and ring the bell. You will be welcomed by a member of staff who will help you and your child find the appropriate classroom and will ensure that there is someone on hand to answer all your questions. Your child will have a ‘buddy’ to look after them on the first few days. In younger classes this might be a child selected for each activity but older children will have a specific person to look after them, chosen for their responsible nature, who will be pleased to help your child out in every way. A particularly useful function of a buddy is to make sure new children always have someone to play with at breaktime.

The school day becomes less daunting once it is under way and children start to enjoy themselves almost as soon as their parents have left! It’s always fun to be the centre of attention and Roselyon children enjoy finding out about new friends.

At the end of the day some children are collected by parents or as part of a lift share. These parents gather outside the school building at 3.45pm and wait for the children to issue forth.

Children who travel by school bus are driven by a staff member, who will have introduced himself well before the first bus journey. We have some nursery age children travelling on the buses and some Prep VI children so the mix is eclectic! On the bus your child will be seated next to an appropriate companion. Sometimes it will be a classmate, at other times an older child will be chosen to care for a younger one. Before the bus leaves the driver will ensure that everybody who needs to has visited the toilet and then the journey will begin. Sometimes there is conversation, sometimes music and sometimes even singing!

If the bus is held up we will try to contact you by phone so please have your mobile with you.  If you are held up, please let the school know; both buses are contactable from school during the journey.