Learning outside the classroom

We strongly believe that a child’s learning extends far beyond the classroom.

At Roselyon, we delight in taking our learning into the natural environment, to enable children to connect with their surroundings and make the most of living and growing up in such a wonderful place.

Roselyon’s unique location means our children can regularly learn through experiences such as Beach School and Woodland School, and we even have a farm adjacent to the school, where children can discover new practical skills and responsibilities, by growing their own food and caring for animals.

Our remarkable adventure activity centre is ideal for extending outdoor education opportunities, and located among our ancient woodlands and lakes is an outdoor classroom, which ensures open-air learning is never ‘rained off’.

To supplement and reinforce our varied curriculum, we organise regular trips and outings to places of historical and geographical interest, as well as concerts, theatres, art galleries and a variety of outdoor pursuits’ centres.

We seize every opportunity to widen traditional learning experiences in order to develop our children’s sense of adventure and enthusiasm for knowledge. Needless to say, the children love it!

Our children enjoy and excel in very different things. Our purpose at Roselyon is to provide them with the very best opportunities to explore, experiment and succeed.

We aspire to bring learning to life through art and culture, as part of the curriculum and beyond it. Roselyon is a place where artistic talent is nurtured and celebrated. With dedicated arts and music provision, children excel in expressing themselves creatively. These talents are shared through exhibitions, festivals, performances and assemblies, helping to boost confidence, improve communication skills, inspire future careers and enrich childhoods.

Our sporting curriculum provides the basis on which many lessons for life are learnt. It helps our children appreciate the importance and convention of rules, as well as a sense of fair play. It teaches them to win modestly and lose graciously. Working in teams helps develop skills that they will use forever. So whether it’s fencing, cross-country, sailing or athletics, we are always delighted by our children’s enthusiasm to take part, no matter what their ability level.