School Bus

Although the thought of sending your child to school by bus may seem daunting, we have a cheerful bus community which has developed its own social group.  In fact, parents at Roselyon are so happy with the bus service that two three-year-old children travel to and from school by minibus.

Do come and talk if the bus does not collect or drop off where you need it to and we will try to help.  We can also arrange one-off collections or the delivery of a Roselyon friend who is coming to tea if we have space.

After they have finished lessons, children who are travelling by bus go to Aftercare in the Nursery, where they are collected by their drivers (both very familiar to the children), reminded to go to the toilet, securely strapped in (please discuss requirements for booster seats where necessary) and driven to their agreed drop-off point.

On the rare occasions when the buses are behind schedule, parents are phoned and advised of revised timings.

Most children enjoy their bus journeys – and many parents are grateful for their reduced travelling times!