Prep IV
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Specialist teaching in all subject begins in Prep IV.  Maths and English continue to be weighted in the timetable and children benefit from the continuity of a single teacher for each subject from Prep IV until they leave Roselyon in Prep VI.  In this way we can ensure that strengths are identified and extended whilst any difficulties are quickly addressed and appropriate support given for as long as it is necessary.

The pastoral role of the form teacher continues and the children spend morning registration with their form teacher each day.  As each form teacher is also responsible for teaching a subject, the children are regularly taught by their form teacher during the week.

Sports is popular and an important part of the curriculum, encouraging team-building and skills as well as personal fitness.  There'€™s always an eager participation in extra lunchtime sports practices, the girls as keen to play football and rugby as the boys!

Prep IV works in tandem with Prep II in some subject and PE lessons and trips often see these year groups co-operating, giving the Prep IV children a chance to feel a sense of responsibility and leadership.

All the children sing in a choir and many learn musical instruments, in addition to curricular music lessons where the knowledge and understanding of musical history and theory increase.  Contributions to class assemblies each term demand more input from the children, who, by now have the confidence to perform alone in front of an audience of children, teachers and parents.  Triple art and DT lessons allow a wider variety of techniques to be explored and occasional visits from local artists help the children learn to express themselves in many media.

The children in Prep IV lead busy lives, most being a member of a team and involved in at least one extra curricular club, but the joy of learning is evident in their enquiring attitude to life.