Prep VI
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Prep VI

As they enter their final year at Roselyon the children are keen to crown their achievements with recognition for their own personal areas of excellence.  Sport, art, drama, music and social skills are all prized alongside academic success at our school and we ensure that the children are aware of our approbation.   We appoint a head boy and head girl and give the status of prefect to all the children who have proved their ability to take on responsibility and who are prepared to take undertake duties; often the whole year group is accorded this privilege but it is by no means automatic.

We prepare for entrance and scholarship exams to senior schools as well as for SATs papers in the summer term and there is a solid academic weighting to the children'€™s curriculum.  However, we still find time to celebrate successes and remember historic events and Prep VI traditionally lead the Remembrance Day service at school, combining their presentation skills with English and history studies to ensure that they really understand what they are talking about.  In the summer term there is a focus on drama and the yeargroup presents a play adapted especially for them to perform.  Often a Shakespeare play or a story by a classical author is chosen for presentation the text being made accessible to the children and studied carefully for meaning and intent.  There is a summer camp and a trek along the Camel Trail on top of a full summer sports programme.

All the children take on duties, helping the younger ones at lunchtime, showing visitors around the school, collecting lunch numbers and generally helping out wherever it is necessary.  It is a Roselyon tradition that children are polite and cheerful and it is pleasure to note that, even in Prep VI, this is rarely prompted but comes from the heart.

The summer Prizegiving is the culmination of their years at Roselyon and gives the staff a chance to reflect and congratulate each child on the contribution he or she has made during their time at the school.  Parents and friends believe that they are saying a final farewell to Roselyon but we know from happy experience that, the following autumn term, we will start to receive requests that an ex-pupil might visit to '€˜help out'€™.  The children '€“ or young people '€“ love to return and we are always delighted to see them.

Thus, although this is an ending, our pupils rarely leave us and it is a particular pleasure that many who have been our pupils come back to us when they have children of their own so that the whole process may begin again.