Roselines – 22nd April 2016 – Issue 63



A very warm welcome to our new families. The summer term is always one of the most exciting, with trips and challenges throughout the school so you have joined at the right time to start with a bang!

Testing also happens in this term and, for our Prep II and Prep VI children we have the new style of SATs testing to cope with. The children have been well- prepared but the tests (and results) are so very different that we will all need to be aware that they will take some getting-used-to. Indeed, the report this week that the KS1 spelling test has already been published by the DfE may result in slightly less confidence in the results than would have been expected.

We live in interesting times!

Hilary Mann


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Curriculum Notes

Over the next few weeks Curriculum Notes will be uploaded onto the web- site. Don’t forget to take a look at what your children are studying this term—you may turn out to have a wealth of information on the subject which you are eager to share—with your child or with the whole class!

Clubs, Activities and Instrumental Lessons

Clubs (except for Fencing) start on Tuesday 26th April this term so forms must be in on Monday 25th April.
Most musical instrument lessons started this week—you will have been in- formed.

Sports Festival

Preps I & II travelled to Bristol this week to take part in the ISA Festival of Sport for Key Stage 1 pupils. This was the first event of its kind and we were delighted to be able to take part. As well as the children having fun and working as a team, they were delighted to be awarded medals. I am told that they all deserve medals for behaviour and participation. We are proud of the way that your children act as ambassadors for our school; we can take them anywhere and know that they will give a wonderful account of themselves.

Beach School

Our first excursion into Beach School happened on Thursday. We believe that we should educate the children about and in the local environment and this is an opportunity not to be missed. This was a great opportunity to celebrate the…


Open Morning

Thank you to all the children who are coming in to help with our Open Morning tomorrow. Please come at 10.00 in winter uniform (so that we all look the same) and be ready to show parents just what a wonderful place Roselyon is. Children will be ready for collection by 12.00.

Do tell anybody who may be interested.


Space Seeds!

We have been lucky enough to receive seeds from the ‘Rocket Science’ project. This scheme has sent seeds into space as part of Tim Peake’s space mission. They spent about 6 months out of our atmosphere and have now been returned, packaged up and sent to schools, who are asked to grown them in specified conditions, beside ‘control ’ seeds, which have not been to space. Results will be reported and ana- lysed. Won’t it be interesting to see the results.

Good luck Lower Prep, who have this responsibility!

Summer 2016 clubs & activities start on Tuesday 26th April

Clubs are run by trained professionals who offer our children the chance to learn the skills of the sport.


(Miss Thomas, Preps I-VI -after lunch). We do try to put children into age and ability groups but if your child is involved in another club then we may need to be flexible.


(Mr. Gale, Monday 4.00-5.30 in the hall, Preps III-VI). We fence predominantly foil and are always keen to welcome new members. In addition, there is now a Squad training session on Friday evenings in St Austell. Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you would like to be considered. Fencers already club members can come to training on Monday. New members will be able to join the week after the Bank Holiday (if there are spaces!)


(P.I-VI Tuesday 4.00-5.00 on the (P.I-VI Tuesday 4.00-5.00 on the back field) To be run by a PAFC youth coach . Before a child can start, the PAFC form must be completed—copies are in the Office.



(P.I upwards Heather Hunt—professional pottery teacher – Monday 4.00-5.00) 6 week course for £25 on the theme of spring flowers. Starts Monday 9th May. Maximum of 15 children—only one course this term so first come (with the fee!) first served.


(P.I upwards Ashiita-Kai Karate Kids, Thursday after school. 3.45-4.30) At present we only have a ‘Cubs’ Group for the younger children but the class for older children will be opened if enough are interested. Monthly fee of £12 (Cubs) or £21 (Juniors & Seniors) is paid directly to the instructor.



There is a charge for some clubs to cover costs and to make it fair to parents who pay for Aftercare. Please note that the staff are not paid extra for after school clubs.


(Mr Harrison, Preps I to VI, Monday after lunch) Come along and discover the pleasure of mak- ing music in a group.


(Mrs Virr & Mrs Davies Preps III-VI, Tuesday after lunch) With a focus on developing skills, we will be able to give invaluable experience for those working towards an art scholarship.


(Mr Ferguson, Preps I to VI ) There will be practices after lunch on dry days for any children who want to join in. Tennis, however, must take priority.


(Mr Gale, Preps I-VI, Wednesday, 3.45-4.30) Come and learn to play this fascinating game of strategy.


(Mr Gale, P.VI and any year group, Thursday after lunch) If you would like help with a specific problem in maths, or perhaps would like some more practice with a particular type of question, come along to our Maths Surgery straight after lunch on Thursdays.

11+ Club: (Mrs Mann, Prep V—11+ candidates, Wednesday after lunch) We will continue to prepare for September’s 11+exam.


(Ms Whitehead & Mrs Davies, Preps I-VI Thursday 3.45-4.30) A chance to learn to play a wind instrument. We have a selection of recorders but you are welcome to bring your own if you have one. ANIMATION CLUB: (Mr Simms and Mrs Bason, Red Class upwards Thursday 3.45-4.45) Further adventures in the art of animation!


(Mr Simms. Red Class,, P.I & II. Tuesday, 3.45-4.30) This is the perfect time of year to develop the skills of growing plants.


(Mrs Davies & Miss Whitehead. Lower Prep. Wednesday 3.45-4.30) Develop skills and have some fun on the back field!


(Mrs Steadman. Preps IV-VI. Thursday 3.45-4.30) Demanded by the children, this club is returning for the FIRST HALF of term only!

General Knowledge Quiz

Over the holidays, The Upper Prep children were given the annual Tomlinson General Knowledge Quiz questions to research. On Monday we will be holding the quiz. This consists of the questions the children have researched and 10 additional questions.

The prizes for the quiz are very generous and definitely worth winning—so use the weekend to polish up your answers and get ready for the General Knowledge Quiz!


Mathematics challenge at Eden

You may well have seen the publicity for our Mathematics Challenge Day. We have arranged for 300 children from Year 4 & 5 to spend the day at the Eden Project, taking part in a mathematics challenge and a mathematics trail. As the day is all about mathematics, the main criterion has to be that the children who attend REALLY enjoy mathematics!

Roselyon will, of course, be entering teams but we are delighted that all 300 places have been filled by Cornish schools.

We are also very grateful to the Eden Project for working with us on this event.


Prayer Meeting

Praying together for the school, families, staff and governors, is something which has been missing from the life of Roselyon. We hope that parents and staff will be keen to join with us as we seek to organise our first date. It’s likely to be a Monday or Thursday from 3.45-4.15. As children will have left the classrooms by then, they are welcome to book into Aftercare. When you collect your child, tell the staff that you have been attending the prayer meeting and you will not be charged.

We are very much looking forward to meeting together to focus on God within our school.


Fowey Festival success

Your very clever children have achieved success in the Fowey Festival competitions for various age groups. On Friday morning next week, the children listed below will have the chance to read their poems and recounts on St Austell Bay radio but in the meantime, congratulations to:

Florence Cooper: first place
Fred Shakerley: second place
Billy Simpson: commended