Roselines – 2nd October 2015 – Issue 55


Autumn is certainly approaching now and with it come the joys of Harvest.

You are all welcome to join us next week at our celebration, where the children will both teach us and learn themselves about the varied ways in which we are blessed by God’s providence.
This is a term of performance and we have started in fine style with our musicians, who delighted us at the B# concert. We have assemblies, Remembrance and all the Christmas excitement to come, so make sure you have all the dates firmly in your diary.

Hilary Mann


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Two dates for your diary

Mr Ferguson’s Firework-Making Workshop is taking place on 7th November. We are inviting children from North Cornwall, along with their parents, to visit our school. In order to make the school feel like Roselyon, we need a few older children (P.IV upwards) to show them the ropes—parents are welcome to stay, too, to talk to the visiting parents. Please give names to Miss Taylor.
On 28th October we are holding Medieval Morning for 5-7-year-olds at 10.00 am. Again, we would very much like Roselyon children to help set the atmosphere—this time, unaccompanied although parents are invited to the ‘banquet’ at 1.45pm. Please tell Miss Taylor if you would like to come.


Par Community

Par Community are holding a Christmas Fair on the afternoon of 28th November to raise funds for the local skate-park. They have asked whether:

  • We have any performers who would like to perform for about 15 minutes during the afternoon;
  • Whether anybody knows of someone who may want to have a stall at the fair (£10 per stall—food only if pre-wrapped).

Please see Mrs Mann if you would like further information about the fair.


Family Lunch

It was such a pleasure to see so many of our Prep IV parents at the Family Lunch this week. The children really enjoy seeing their parents and parents have a real insight into the life of the school.
However, we are a small school and you will understand that catering arrangements are planned well in advance. Whilst we are always delighted to see you, it helps immensely if parents book their attendance at Family Lunch the week before (or even earlier if it helps you!).
A reminder of this term’s dates:

Preps I & II — 13th October (please arrive for 12.50)

Red Class — 10th November (please arrive for 12 noon)



This year our Harvest service is on Friday 9th October at 9.15. Upper and Lower Prep children can be delivered direct to St Mary’s Church, Biscovey, from 8.45. Parents and families are very welcome to attend. Harvest gifts will be divided between STAK (St Austell Community Kitchen) and the Salvation Army. In order that these can be used effectively, we have been asked for tins, packets and dried food with distant use-by dates.

A collection for this term’s charity, to be chosen by the School Council, will be taken at the end of the service.


Fowey River Academy

We have been told about Fowey River Academy’s Open Day, which is coming up on 8th October. Current Prep VI children are invited to spend a day at the school from 9.20-2.15. This is a helpful opportunity to see the school in action and take part in lessons and (to their credit) Fowey is the only local maintained senior school to ask us to pass on this information. Copies of the invitation will be in the Roselyon School Office—but if you do book a place, please let your form teacher know so that we don’t go looking for you!


Parent Seminar

The Parent Seminar topic this term is ‘Ask the Teacher’.  We’re looking forward to seeing you on 18th November at 4.00 to learn more about how we help your children to learn.  We expect that you will have specific questions related to current curriculum topics—but of course this may not be the case. To make sure we’re all prepared with any helpful resources, please write the question—or wider-ranging topic—on a piece of paper with your name & the age of the child and hand it into the Office. You’re still welcome to come and ask your question without having written it down but we can’t promise to be so well-prepared! So far we have not had any special requests—it would be good to know what you would like to talk about, before Half Term

So far we have not had any special requests—it would be good to know what you would like to talk about, before Half Term.


Round Table

We’re not making much progress with Round Table reps at the moment!  If you are a parent who would like to put the views and questions of your class’s parents to Mrs Mann and Mr Ball, please let either of them know.  We’re keen to hear your views and ideas but can’t do it without you!


Visiting Classrooms

This newsletter will come out on a Friday—which means this message is too late for this week! However, this is your annual reminder that all the classrooms are open for parent visits on Friday mornings. On that day you are welcome to bring your child(ren) up to the classroom and have a look at what’s been happening during the week. There are often new items of which your children are proud and sometimes new displays for you to see.

On other days of the week we aim to start learning time at 8.45, which means that classroom visitors can interrupt the early morning enthusiasm for learning! If you have a message for your child’s teacher, do write it in the homework diary or tell Mrs Knowles or Mrs Rebers who are on duty outside each morning.; they have a book especially for messages and are very efficient at passing information on to all the right people.