Roselyon at Churchtown

Roselyon School has given children a magical education for 65 years, now we’re expanding our vision and embracing the potential of change. From Par to Churchtown — our journey.

Where we have been

Roselyon School was founded in Par in 1952 in a mine owner’s house.  It was exactly as parents in the 1950s expected a school to be and had resident head teachers’ children as pupils, besides providing boarding accommodation for a few pupils.

Situated in the middle of an industrial area with the sea visible from the car park, our current location is not ideal for an independent school serving mid-Cornwall; we are too distant from the north coast and a third of our catchment is in the sea.

However, the site has a magic all of its own – it is an inspirational place of learning where children really want to come each morning and from where they go home eager to talk about all they have been doing and learning.

Where we are

Roselyon School is known for producing excellent educational results (the only Sunday Times Top 100 School in Cornwall in both 2014 and 2017), a passion for giving its children unusual opportunities (every year Roselyon children qualify for national cross-country and athletics competitions and, more recently, art competitions, too) and we produce excellence across the board (this year we have the Boys’ National Number One in Under 9 fencing and also have Cornwall’s Sports Coach of the Year on our staff).

Children learn through discovery in such experiences as Beach School and Woodland School; they spend a good proportion of their time outside the classroom, where they experience real situations and work through solving problems.  The older children also have a chance to run a properly functioning business, which teaches a huge range of skills and allows budding entrepreneurs to cut their teeth.

All of our children become confident at expressing themselves in public, taking part in festivals, plays and musical theatre productions as well as choir events where any enthusiastic child can have the experience of singing a solo or performing a skill – not just the perfectionists, although they are celebrated, along with every success each child achieves.

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Where we’re going

Because we completely believe in what we do and how we do it, we are determined to ensure that all children in mid-Cornwall who could benefit from our style of education have a chance of accessing the Roselyon effect – thorough enjoyment of learning, a celebration of success and a chance to shine.

And so, in September 2018, we are moving north – not far, just to Lanlivery – where the Churchtown Farm site is being remodelled to create a learning space with excellent facilities both indoors and out and one where we can use our philosophy even more intensely.  We are delighted that the heritage of Churchtown, with its educational aspirations and dedication to giving children an extraordinary and exciting experience, will once again contribute to the life of mid-Cornwall.

At Churchtown, the grounds have a similar magic to those at our present site – but they are more extensive with incredible landscape and hugely versatile buildings.  Children will experience curriculum outdoor pursuits – the older ones having a chance to use the remarkable adventure playground; all children accessing curriculum fencing alongside more traditional sports; access to the Saints’ Way for more extensive cross-country training; a performance space set up to a standard which will tempt in professional performers; our own ancient woodlands and lakes to explore as well as an outdoor classroom to ensure that outdoor learning can never get ‘rained off’; and indoor and outdoor spaces which will allow parents to use the school to enhance their business and leisure lives.

Listen to a recent radio recording where we discuss the new building.

What we’re going to do when we get there

We already deliver excellence in education – that is not going to change.  Children will be prepared for exams into independent secondary schools and also for the 11+ and they will receive all the grounding they need to ensure that their secondary education – independent, grammar or more local state school – will be off to a flying start.  Children will continue to have a great balance of academic, sporting and arts and music education.

Our children are taught by subject specialists from Year 3, ensuring that wherever their interest and imagination takes them, we have a teacher who can walk beside them and extend their learning.  At Churchtown, our curriculum will be broadened still further to ensure every child is fully engaged in, and a part of, the journey and we’re going to inspire them to choose to do work at home.  Children will be involved in the contents of the curriculum and their group decisions will ensure that they feel involved in the development of their own education.  Lessons will focus on the chosen topic and areas we don’t deliver in the classroom will give a chance for children to carry out independent research which they can share with their classmates.  This research will be facilitated by teachers and will replace all homework except such core partnership areas a reading, spellings and tables practice.

In order to deliver this exciting vision, we’re extending the school day for the older children so that they can have a lesson where they can consider what they have learned and how their research is progressing.  This also gives a comfortable conclusion to each day of learning, allowing any aspirations or troubles to be shared and solutions discussed or woven into the following day’s learning.

When Cornwall is at its best and the beach is calling, families can choose to abandon formal homework and go and experience life in the most beautiful county.  But when the weather is chilly and damp, what better time to extend your learning with a research topic initiated by your own interest?

Roselyon is a special community where children can be children but can extend their experience as far as they are capable.  We already allow children to pursue their dreams; at Churchtown their dreams can be even bigger.

Come and see how our vision works at Roselyon in Par – and we’ll share our dreams with your children.